Upcoming Events

We love to open our doors to friends, neighbors and the entire community! Come meet students and staff, bring your friends & make new friends! Learn more about the next five week session of Spring classes – and about the Summer Arts Creative Experience.

We will start with an open meet & greet. We will have snacks and treats, hot and cold beverages. Kids can enjoy games, activities, music, dancing & STEAM projects throughout the day. Parents may also enjoy a fitness moment or activities together with the kids.

Our Musical Theatre Workshop cast of “The Candy Man” will be rehearsing in the space from noon to 3:00pm. During that time, we will invite people who want to observe part of the rehearsal and the cast will also present a musical number or two from the show – a work in progress as we prepare for our June performance.

There will be a Latin dance demo during the afternoon, and who knows what other singing, dancing, art or exercise might also break out?

During the final hour, continue to “hang-out” Eat or drink, talk and laugh, finish up your work, just enjoy being a part of the fun at the Thespian Arts Program. We’d love to see you!

Our next Community Day Open Houses:

Saturday May 25th

Saturday June 22nd

Save the dates!

Support our Musical Theatre Workshop Cast in

“The Candy Man”

Location TBD