Welcome To T.A.P. Classic

Welcome To T.A.P. Classic

Why should kids have all the fun?

There have been numerous studies proving that the most important step to having happy, well-adjusted children is for their parents to be happy and well-adjusted. Yet most adults still subscribe to the notion that self-care is selfish. We have a few carefully curated, low-commitment opportunities for the adults to learn fun, new skills and get the great confidence boost that comes from creative self-expression. Arts education is not about becoming professional performers, but experiencing the freedom of tapping into your own inner artist while connecting with your community.

Enjoy a glass of wine (beverage of choice) as a professional painter takes you on a journey of self-expression in a Paint & Sip.

Feel the rhythm and get a work-out in a fun Latin Dance class! Work on traditional foot work with or without a partner!

Breathe deeply and stretch in a refreshing yoga workshop.

Nurture your own body, mind and spirit while strengthening the community we are building for the next generation.

Want to dance with your friends? Send us an email to ask about group pricing or private parties.